The 2021-22 Season will start on 4th October 2021. at the Wrexham Rail Sports and Social Club with The WDPS annial "Street Photography Competition.

Zoom session, Kieran Metcalfe, Chasing the Light.

The first tals of the 21-22 Season was given by Zoom by Kieran Metcalfe Keiren is active in many genres, but this talk shows his expertise in producing attractive images of landscapes.
Keiren started by giving us some technical details of his camera (Canon 80D) and his preferred lenses. He takes many exposures for each individual image, especially in high contrast situations, working in RAW and using variable filters to extend exposure times by as much as 10 stops. The resulting HDR images cover subtle texture and lighting, but leave composition to the eye of the photographer
He also knows his locations, so when the weather and lighting conditions are favorable, can get to suitable locations. For this talk many of his images were from the Peak district showing the contrasting texture of rocks and heather with equal effect. He also presented long exposure images where the movement of water or clouds was smoothed to add drama.
He extolled the virtue of sunrise and sunset images – the “golden hour”, even though these required careful consideration of sun angles and cloud conditions, for which he consulted various web-sites, for example,, and
He believed that often “less is more” but also acknowledged that the successful photographer requires, planning, preparation, knowledge and luck.
Many thanks Kieran for a most interesting evening.

The Dragon and the flame

.The Dragon and the Flame, Copyright, K. Metcalfe.

First Meeting, 13 September 2021
The inaugural meeting of the WDPS held on Monday, 13 September was a social and “chat” evening at the Rail Club. There were 15 attendees, but we know of several more who could not attend for individual reasons. The fear that membership would be significantly reduced was therefore allayed. The evening was enlivened by showing some “lockdown” images from Paul Shone, Les Flower, John Hallard and Eddie Naish